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What with the snow and freezing weather I have wanted to stay in lots more! So it does mean loads of lovely time to craft. I am really into my new size card blanks which are 8" square and are totally fab! :O)

They really give a card lots of WOW factor I think due to the biggness and being a square shape which I prefer anyway in any size. I enjoy making them in the bigger size and making larger embellishments to keep the proportions is great, also you can put more on the card too!

I am always saying less in more in my head when making my cards but really I like to go mad and puts as much as I can on it. I can never decide between embellies so like to put a bit of everything on. Same goes for papers, I love papers so much I want to get as many designs on as I can. They usually end up looking bad so I have to reign it in and pick out just 2 designs along with a solid plain colour. (SHAME!)

I have one little tip for anyone else in this predicament... using another different design for your insert looks really fab I think, so I find I do that quite a lot now.

Anyway here are a couple of cards I have made over the cold spell. You can't tell the size really from just pics, but believe me they are nice and chunky !

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